2011 02 11 Journey to St Mark Lutheran Church

Wednesday February 10, 2011 about 11:00 AM in the morning

Blessed with a fairly warm day and sunny skies I was blessed to capture some digital images of a hilltop community in the city near my home.

circular building from intersection

Walking this extremely hilly route hundred of times to a grocery store and street festivals during my fifteen years of living on O Farrell St, I was always amazed by the beauty of the high rise apartment building and the view of the city skyline from the top of the hill.

Having taken pictures of this one of a kind circular building on Gough St between O Farrell and Ellis before, something moved me to capture pictures of the building today as I was crossing the street.

Not being satisfied with the size of the building I got from street corner
I enter the entrance drive way to St Mark Luther Church and discovered a better angle of the building that highlighted the unique curved designed of the building.

gough st circular building close up

Also equally as beautiful as the circular building was St. Mark Lutheran Church. The steps to the church, the rounded doorway and specially designed window also make this building a work of art.

This area of the city is more than a collection of high rise building on a hill, it is a meeting point for Antonio the Explorer and myself if a natural disaster occurs.

st mark lutheran church

Not feeling as strong as I use too, the times I climb this big hill are becoming fewer and fewer.

If you are ever in the city and near O Farrell and Van Ness, two block up the hill you can perfect the pictures I taken with my low resolution cell phone camera.

Yesterday, 2/11/2011 I was blessed with my first visitor to WordPress site.

On my journeys throughout the city and United States it brings my heart sadness because that so few humans takes any interest in work,
but I am moving in my journeys because I know the Creator of the Universe is inspiring to do what I am doing for a reason.

If you have any extra money please buy a copy of my first ebook,
Antonio, My Son, My Hero, My Friend

Any financial support will be appreciated.

Also please view my other artwork at the online site

Antonio the Explorer (ISSN#1947-850X) is a registered Library of Congress Serial published by A M Benjamin Services in San Francisco.

If you read this far thank you and may all your dreams come true.


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